"Blossoms Shanghai"with Rainbow Confetti


Blossoms Shanghai is a mainland Chinese TV series directed and produced by Wong Kar-wai. This is also the first TV series directed by Wong Kar-wai.

Wong Kar-Wai's works have a strong personal style. He likes to use slow rhythms and appropriate music to bring out the atmosphere of the movie. His photography techniques are also very unique.He often collaborated with Du Kefeng and Zhang Shuping, and was called the Iron Triangle by the outside world. Zhang and Du also made Wong Kar-wai's films more aesthetically pleasing. When Doyle shot Wong Kar-Wai's films, his photography techniques were also very unique, and his "handheld" and "half-covered" techniques became their trademarks.


Blossoms Shanghai background is set in Shanghai in the 1990s, telling the story of Abao, a businessman who made his fortune on Shanghai's Huanghe Road in the early days of reform and opening up.

The TV play uses Rainbow Confetti's flame-retardant metallic confetti.

metallic confetti

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