G.E.M 2024 tour, featuring the entire rainbow confetti


Welcome to Deng Ziqi's live concert! In this night full of surprises, we will bring you an unforgettable music feast. With her unique charisma and heavenly voice, Deng Ziqi will lead you to stroll in the sea of music.

confetti paper

Confetti will be one of our main characters in this concert. As Deng sings her classic songs, countless confetti 

will float down from the stage, instantly lighting up the entire show. These sparkling confetti will bring you an 

unrivaled audio-visual feast, making you feel as if you are in a dreamy fairy tale world.

On this night, we will feel the power of music together and enjoy laughter and tears. Let's enjoy the music magic

 of Deng Ziqi together and let confetti become an eternal memory in our hearts. Stay tuned, this will be a concert 

not to be missed!

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